Facebook Feed Pro

facebook feed in wordpress posts

facebook feed to wordpress posts

page id from custom field for powersites

caching option to reduce API usage

custom feed settings

$ 19.99

FormidablePro Coupon Code

coupon codes for formidablepro

restrict submission with must have codes

discount field values with coupon codes

define multiple coupon codes per field

limit quantity of accepted coupon codes

$ 19.99

FormidablePro Limit Fields

character counter for formidablepro

character counter to input fields and textareas

four different counter positions

highlight or limit excessive characters

counter size and color styling options

$ 19.99

FormidablePro Location

geocoding with formidablepro

detect and submit user's location

geocode entered address value

find exact location with draggable marker

submit latitude and longitude values

$ 19.99

FormidablePro Meta Tags

seo tags from remote url

grab seo tags from remote website url

add value to web directory submissions

edit and update grabbed data before submission

seo title, seo keywords and seo description values

$ 19.99

FormidablePro Youtube Search

youtube search for formidablepro

search and submit youtube videos

store video IDs in entries and custom fields

add single or multiple fields to forms

use stored video IDs to display videos

$ 19.99

Instagram Feed Pro

instagram feed in wordpress posts

instagram feed to wordpress posts

user id from custom field for powersites

custom instgram feed settings

$ 0

Screenshot Machine

screenshot generator for wordpress

screenshots from published website url

featured images from captured webpages

inner pages are also supported

shortcode parameters for all requirements

$ 24.99

UK Location Taxonomies

UK location files for wordpress

England two levels

Wales two levels

Scotland two levels

N. Ireland two levels

England three levels

Wales three levels

Scotland three levels

N. Ireland three levels

$ 9.99

WordPress Twitterbot

wordpress meets twitter API

retweet tweets, auto follow users, like tweets

create your custom timelines automated

set advanced search queries and timing options

create unlimited twitterbots from one domain

$ 99.99